Madagascar faces dire food insecurity

Farmers in southern Madagascar, hit by three years of devastating drought, urgently need more support so they can plant crops in time for the December and January planting seasons, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) said.
Image by 123RF
Image by 123RF
They stressed that more funding is required to provide this support and help address southern Madagascar’s worsening food insecurity.

FAO will start distributing plant cuttings and seeds next month, targeting some 170,000 farming families in the most food-insecure districts of the south. At the same time, these same families will receive food or cash as part of an ongoing WFP relief programme so they can sustain themselves until the next harvest in March/April. WFP has been distributing food to people in the areas of greatest need since June and cash in places with functioning markets since July.

“The planting season offers a small window of opportunity for local farmers to restore agricultural production. Thousands of families are already facing hunger. Missing the planting season now will result in a serious food and livelihood crisis, and render their situation even more desperate,” says José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General.

Some 850,000 people – about half the population of the south – are facing hunger and need urgent humanitarian assistance, according to latest Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) findings. These indicate that food and nutrition security could deteriorate even further in coming months unless humanitarian action is rapidly scaled up. Overall, some 1.4 million people are estimated to be food insecure in 2016/17 in the three southern regions of the island.

FAO is sourcing sweet potato and cassava cuttings, as well as a variety of drought-tolerant seeds for smallholder farmers to plant. Tools will also be distributed and support offered to families with livestock.

“As I saw recently in the south of Madagascar, farmers are in a dire situation,” says WFP executive director Ertharin Cousin. “But, through a joint response, our two agencies can begin to turn this situation around, not only by providing immediate relief but by giving communities the means they need to feed themselves.”

While WFP and FAO have secured funds to help launch their joint planting assistance programme, they cannot reach all the drought-hit farming families without more funding. Out of $22 million needed, FAO has only received $4.5 million. WFP’s drought relief operation, which runs till March 2017, is facing a $50 million shortfall out of a total of $82 million required.

The lack of sufficient rains brought about significant declines in the production of maize, cassava and rice production in the south of the island earlier this year. Meanwhile, rising prices continue to reduce people’s purchasing power and erode the food security of the most vulnerable. Many households have adopted survival strategies, eating less often, consuming seeds, and selling animals, agricultural tools and even land.

FAO’s response

FAO’s immediate agricultural response is targeting 850,000 people (170, 000 small-scale farming households) in the worst-affected districts. The assistance combines provision of quick-maturing and drought-tolerant seeds and root crops (cassava and sweet potatoes).

Farmers will also receive tools to replace those that may have been sold during the current extended hunger season. Support to livestock production will also be provided through supplementary feeding of livestock and animal health-related activities.

WFP is scaling up its ongoing food and cash relief operations to reach nearly 1 million vulnerable people by the end of this month. At the same time, WFP is expanding its nutrition programme to prevent and treat malnutrition among more than 200,000 pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under five, while continuing to assist some 230,000 school children with daily hot meals.

Not all fun and games at The Great Pillow Fight

As I arrived at the College of Cape Town, Crawford Campus in Athlone on Saturday, 12 November, I knew that an awesome day was in store with clear sunny skies ahead for visitors making their way to The Great Pillow Fight hosted by SALA Foundations.
Not all fun and games at The Great Pillow FightThe foundation is a division of the South African Language Academy based in Cape Town.

As vendors made their final preparations and guests signed up for competitions, the sounds of DJ Casper and the South African Empowerment and Environment Project playing their marimbas could be heard echoing across the field creating an energy of excitement for the day.

Excitement came in the form of carnival games, giveaways and delicious foods that included Chip n Dip, Coffee Colony and Sweet n Things. The icing on the cake, however, was a live performance by Jimmy Nevis who was born and bred in Athlone and who performed his popular “7764” which highlights the life of the residents from the Athlone community.

Organised as a mass pillow fight, The Great Pillow Fight was created to support and change the lives of Cape Town youth. What started out as an innocent pillow fight amongst adults and children blossomed into an idea that set out to assist five non-profit organisations.

These non-profit organisations include:

Mary Beth Centre – an in-house child-care service supporting and empowering families residing in Cape Town, offering them safe, secure and nurturing environments where children can feel accepted and loved.

Compassion in Action – a community-based care organisation in the form of nursing care services available to those with mental, physical, emotional and social needs.

uThando leNkosi – provides child-care services to orphans and vulnerable children and secures them short-term living arrangements that provide places of safety.

Gift of Hope – a children’s foster home that provides a home for children who need a safe haven.

Deeds of Love Ministries – a sanctuary that offers community healthcare, disaster and famine relief and job creation development skills.

10% of the proceeds from The Great Pillow Fight will be allocated to Jimmy Nevis’ Blue Collar Foundation which provides educational bursaries, sponsoring students from a disadvantaged socio-economic background.

Encouraging young people

Created in 2004, SALA Foundations has been running education support programmes, mentoring, inspiring and encouraging young people by equipping them with skills to help them be successful adults.

“At SALA Foundations we believe in collaboration. Mother Theresa said, ‘I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things.’ That has been the most amazing thing thus far, seeing individuals, organisations, corporates and even other non-profit organisations, all working together, learning from each other, exchanging skills and creating partnerships to make the event a success. We are influencing lives and I believe it will have a ripple effect that we’ll see for many years to come,” says Sam Daries, founder of SALA Foundations and organiser of The Great Pillow Fight.

SALA Foundations is currently involved with schools in Manenberg and Wynberg and are hoping to extend their reach to Bridgetown schools by 2017.

“To all our sponsors and supporters, we want to express our deep gratitude for helping us – we could not have done this without your very generous support,” says Daries.

As the crowd gathered and waited in anticipation to listen to the sounds of singer-songwriter, Jimmy Nevis, we were entertained by the Vadhini Indian Arts Academy with classical Indian dance – with colourful apparel, we all became mesmerised by their flawless movements.

Competition winners were announced after Jimmy Nevis performed and once winners received their prizes, we were ushered off to the designated pillow fight area. I had never felt more like a child in that moment – everyone that participated was elated as they went about hitting one another with pillows and laughing their heads off. Luckily, no one got hurt, as parental advisory was explicit.

Intercare opens urgent care facility

Internationally, the cost effective and flexible nature of urgent care centres is attracting sizable patient pools. According to a transparency market research report: Urgent Care Centers Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2014-2020, the global urgent care centres market stood at US$23,5bn in 2013. It is predicted to reach US$30,5bn by 2020.
Intercare opens urgent care facility

With the markets segmented into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the rest of the world (RoW), North America led the global market in 2014, trailed by Europe. In terms of RoW countries, exponential market growth is predicted for Mexico, South Africa, Israel, UAE, and Turkey in forthcoming years.

Given this trend, Intercare has opened an urgent care facility in Northriding, Johannesburg aimed at providing immediate treatment for minor injuries and acute illnesses, without the need to make a doctor’s appointment or visiting the hospital ER.

The standalone facility offers a wide range of medical and nursing services. A pharmacy is located within the centre, and x-rays and blood tests can be done onsite.

Designed by architecture firm, Deoplan, the urgent care facility is a state-of-the-art centre strategically located on the corner of Witkoppen Road and New Market Street in Northriding to service residents, crèches, schools, office parks, and factories in the Northriding, Fourways and surrounding areas. The facility is open for extended hours, 365 days a year.

Welcome to the World of Designer Nursing and Medical Scrubs

Our society, and indeed the whole world, admire and respect the medical profession. We look to our doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to cure us of disease, give us comfort and hope during times of crisis, and support us in our search for good physical and mental health. It is important that our nurses live up to this noble deed, and it is also vital that they present themselves well to inspire comfort and confidence from patients. They must look as if they are competent and caring, while at the same time be comfortable themselves. Nursing scrubs and other medical uniforms can help do just that. At one time in our history, every nurse wore pure white from head to toe. A white hat, a white dress or skirt and top, white tights, and white shoes were typical fare for medical professionals. In fact, if you ask anyone who is about thirty years old or older what a nurse “looks like,” he or she is probably going to describe that ubiquitous figure in all white from the little cap down. Ask a youngster, though, and he or she might describe the “nice lady” with the “cute little pictures of lollipops on her shirt.” That is because the more comfortable, more stylish, more practical nursing scrub however is replacing that old-fashioned nursing uniform. White is so passé. So yesterday. So out. If white button-up medical uniforms are out, you might be asking yourself what is in? Well, designer scrubs are in. Today’s scrubs come in a variety of styles and colors to fit any mood, any size person, men and women alike, and any area of the hospital or any type of doctor’s office. You can find scrubs that come in any color, and you can mix and match them as you see fit. You can find patterns in just about anything that interests you or to promote any kind of emotions you like from cheerfulness to somber professionalism. Scrubs can have peace signs for the hippy in us all, flowers for the nurses who may like gardening in her spare time, or golden retrievers for the animal lover or medical professional who works in a veterinary office. The choices are limitless. It is not difficult to find these scrubs, either. All you have to do is go online. There are thousands of online stores that carry scrub tops, scrub hats, scrub pants, and complete scrub sets. If you are a small person, there is sure to be a size to fit you. If you are larger than average, you will be able to find your size, too. Is your favorite color pink because it brings out your facial features? Fine, search for a pink scrub. Do you like blue because it makes your eyes pop? Okay, no problem, go online and find blue scrubs in any number of sizes and styles. Are you a surgery nurse? No need to worry, today’s scrubs are hygienic. They distribute moisture (sweat) and are easily maintained. Just thrown them on, toss them off, and put them in the washer and dryer. Today’s scrubs are so convenient and so stylish as well. Do you have a tiny waist? Maybe you might like your nursing scrubs to have strings that tie in the back or a little elastic at the waistline. No problem, they exist and can be easily purchased online. Do you sometimes feel a little bloated? That is no problem, either; you may decide that drawstring scrub bottoms are best for you. Are you young and are used to wearing your pants below you waistline? Okay, today’s new medical scrubs offer the new below-the-waist waistlines, too. No mater what your preference, from wild and crazy designs and colors, to tradition subdued greens and blues, from simple v-necklines to a mandarin collar, from elastic to drawstring, there is a scrub to suit you, your profession, and lifestyle, and your personality. Most online scrub sites offer you the chance to return your scrubs if you are not satisfied, so check the return policy before you buy, then buy with confidence. Some sites offer free shipping and will ship to either your billing address or another address of your choosing. If you can find free shipping, that is even better. Even if you can’t find the scrubs you want at a site that offers free shipping, there are usually reasonable shipping rates, and even when you add in the cost of mailing your scrubs to you, it can cost less than buying your scrubs at the local medical uniform supply store. So, let your personality shine. Express yourself. Enjoy wearing scrubs that make you and your patients feel happy, or simply radiate a sense of professionalism like no other and let your scrubs help you do it. Published at:

Broaden Your World With Travel Nursing

How would you like a career that allows you to spend January soaking up the sun at the beach in Miami, hitting the slopes at Vail in March and set sail in July for a month-long cruise of the Alaskan coast? Are you looking for variety in your life as well as your job? Are you happiest when you’re immersed in new adventures? Are you a nurse, or thinking of becoming one? Then you just may find that travel nursing is the ideal career choice for you. Travel nursing is the hottest trend to hit the profession in years. The nursing shortage has hit the nation hard, forcing medical facilities to get creative to fill positions in their staff rosters. For many of them, the real challenge is in finding a nurse who can take on a temporary position to fill in for a valued worker on medical or maternity leave, or to help set up a new clinic. What do you do when there are barely enough local nurses to fill the permanent positions? For many hospitals, the solution is turning to a staffing agency that places travel nurses – which are credentialed nurses who are willing to relocate for periods ranging from a month to a year. If just the travel is sounding good to you, take a look at the rest of the package. Here’s what traveling nursing professionals can expect when they sign up with a placement agency that specializes in travel nursing. – Generous pay scale The hourly rate for travel nursing assignments varies from locale to locale, but you can expect $24-$48 hourly rates with a guarantee of 36-40 hours per week. – Housing provided Most agencies will provide you with a free one bedroom private apartment, with basic utilities paid for the length of your stay in the assignment. All the arrangements will be made for you before you arrive. If you choose to live in an apartment that you find yourself, the placement agency will add a generous housing allowance to your pay package. In most cases, your only residence expenses will be for things like telephone and cable television. – Health and Dental insuranc In most cases, your health and dental insurance package will be completely paid for by the placement agency. Many also include basic life insurance. – Free travel Your travel expenses will be paid or reimbursed – in most cases tax-free. – Varied assignments all over the country There are thousands of medical facilities around the country that regularly employ travel nurses for their nursing needs. Most assignments run from 13 to 26 weeks, and many can be extended for more than one assignment period. You’ll work with the placement agency to choose where you want to work and the kind of work you want to do. From small-town and rural settings to the glittering lights of the big city, from chronic care retirement communities to the most renowned research facilities in the world, you’ll have your choice of workplaces and specialties. – Flexible Schedule Since you choose your assignments, you always have the flexibility to take some time off, or schedule an assignment close to home if you want some family time. The medical world has always depended on temp staffing to help fill slots. Travel nursing is the logical extension. You can work three months and take three months off, or choose to stay in one city for a year or more. The choice is ultimately up to you. – Career Advancement Travel nursing offers almost unlimited opportunities to expand your resume and add to your professional experience. Spend six months working in a major teaching hospital while attending classes in surgical nursing (paid for by the agency, of course!), then bolster that with three months on the pediatric rotation at a busy trauma center. You can take on assignments in a rural setting where you’ll handle nearly all routine health care, or choose maternity in a hospital that offers the latest in alternative birthing methods to move you on your way toward a nurse midwife’s degree. Travel nursing may be the best way to expand your professional experiences—and your personal ones as well. If you think that you have what it takes to travel the country practicing your profession, what are you waiting for? The world is waiting for you! Published at:

How to Succeed in the World of Nursing

Nursing is getting more and more competitive as more and more students annually are choosing nursing as a career option. This is partly due to the job security and attractive compensation packages that a nursing career can provide. Graduating from nursing school and passing the board exam to become a licensed nurse almost guarantees a job well into the future even with an erratic economic climate. Below are some tips on how to succeed in the world of nursing. Boosting Your Application To get into nursing school, you need to have a high school diploma and a relatively good academic standing in science subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics. You must also be able to speak and write good and clear English. It will also help if you have some understanding of, or propensity for, psychology as well as computer and technology. If you want to get an edge before applying in a nursing school, you can volunteer at a local hospital to get free hands-on experience. This will be a great way for you to learn more about the nursing career and also help boost your application for entering the nursing school of your choice. Take note that you are also required to take a pre-admission test in addition to SATs and others before you can be admitted to a nursing school. Developing Winning Characteristics The characteristics that will help you excel in a nursing career and be a cut above the rest in your landau scrubs free shipping include having good people skills and problem-solving skills, being compassionate, flexible, and patient, and having the ability to stay calm in a crisis. Having a good sense of humor and being level headed and even-tempered are also valuable characteristics to help you survive the stressful environment. Having organizational and leadership skills are imperative if you want to advance your career and specialize or be promoted to a managerial position. Widening Your Options Nursing offers a wide array of options that some registered nurses are not even aware of, thus a lot compete for the same positions when they can explore more exciting roles and jobs. Today, more than ever, nurses have more options and flexibility on what kind of work to get into, where to apply (in different states or abroad), what schedule to take and how frequent they want to work. All over the world, nurses are in high demand and the kinds of work offered for registered nurses are diverse, cutting across different fields not just in healthcare (i.e. private corporations, schools, pharmacies, military, publishing, and so on). About 50% of nurses in landau scrubs free shipping work in hospitals but the rest work in different fields such as in community health clinics, long-term-care centers (nursing homes, rehabilitation, hospice), home care (as private duty nurses or visiting nurses), schools (as nursing professors), insurance and managed care companies, corporate health centers (as consultants, occupational safety, or educators), freestanding outpatient and surgery centers, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical technology, university clinics, military, research centers, Peace Corps, nonprofit organizations, and international service organizations among countless other fields. Published at:

Arizona, USA – A World Class Adventure

Arizona has Petrified Forests in such abundance at the Petrified Forest National Park. Drive through it or for a closer look go on hiking trails found there. It is located just off 1-40 in North East Arizona. The Lost Dutchman mine was never rediscovered, there is a superstition that Gold can still be found, many adventurers visit this place called the Lost Dutchman State Park. Wilderness can still be explored and a desert Lake, Canyon Lake is very near to it. Most of the tourists camp, hike or picnic at these desert trails. Handicapped people are also welcomed here. The world’s largest natural bridge (400 ft wide & 183 ft in height) over looking the Pine Creek is in Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Flowing streams, upstream of the canyon, make a spectacular view. A century old hotel, refurbished, provides excellent viewing. It is located 13 miles North West Payson off State Route 87. Picnicking or hiking is also catered for. Considered to be Mother Nature’s finest playground is Slide Rock State Park. The Park’s name comes from 30 ft long water sliding down the rocks. The canyon here has Red Rock walls & pine forests. An Apple orchard is also an added attraction. A huge crowd is always gathered here to refresh themselves at Slide Rocks during summer months. The parking facilities has also been expanded recently. Just a few miles off West of Sedona in Arizona State is 286 acres of Red Rock State Park. Picnic areas and classrooms may be reserved for the public but they do provide education to school groups and private groups as well. Swimming and going across water is available to local wildlife only and please don’t bring your pets as this is a place where there are no facilities for them. Still they provide camping sites, picnic grounds, hiking trails, classrooms, visitor’s center with a great theater and of course a gift shop. Right next to the Community of Cottonwood, in the scenic Verde Valley, is Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Now don’t get alarmed by its name as here you can do bird watching, camping, canoeing, horseback riding, picnicking and stream & pond fishing. Here you can also go hiking and the Equestrian events are held regularly. Near the City of Show Low is located Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area. Imagine camping on a lake shore and watching the noble great blue herons. Show Low Creek falls into this lake, which provides water to lots of wild animals and it has a very different fishing area. It has a huge variety of fish like rainbow trout, brown trout, channel catfish, walleye and green sunfish. Nearby White Mountain Trail System offers many hiking trails. This place adjoins the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest where you can get the geographical maps too. This site offers agricultural features, camping sites, pit houses and lots of other sites. It is located a few miles North East of Winslow on State Route 87. Archeologists work in June & July only from Monday till Friday. Here archaeological exhibitions are also held many times a year. This place offers many recreational areas with picnic tables electric supply, tent pads and grills. As there is no size restriction on boats Lyman Lake State is 1500 acres of really beautiful Lake. A small herd of buffaloes are always grazing near the access road. A nice & restricted no-wake place for anglers. This place offers facilities that include rock hounding trails, fishing, hiking, boat rentals and a swimming pool. General boat rental concessions are available by booking in advance. On the foot of Mount Graham is a haven known as Roper Lake State Park. An excellent place for fishing, swimming, hiking, picnicking and camping. Camp on the lake shore & avail a natural hot-bath tub which is prepared by park rangers. The park is located a few miles South of Safford off US Route 191. Lots of other facilities include rest rooms, shower rooms, fishing pad (also for handicapped persons), waste disposal grounds, Electric hookup, boat ramp and Natural hot springs. Desert scenery and an isolated place is Alamo Lake State Park. It is located on Bill Williams River and after some miles falls into Colorado River. With a backdrop of picturesque Rawhide & Buckskin Mountains it presents a stunning view. Abundance of wildlife includes Bald Eagles, Coyote, Deer, Quails and wild Burros are the area’s trademark. Some of the basic facilities include Group use area, hiking, fishing, Electric hook up, boating, rest room showers (accessible for the handicapped) and waste disposal area. Buckskin Mountain State Park is located between the Mountains & the Colorado River, is a welcome site both for nature lovers and hikers. Three fully developed trails on these mountains that go up the steep bluffs are always inviting to hikers. The River welcomes swimmers, pleasure boaters and water skiers with open arms. Anglers vie for channel cat fish, crappie, large mouth bass and bluegill. There are two distinct units at Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor Beach and Cattail Cove. Windsor beach is a day out park with all water crafted facilities. It is located in a wonderfully developed area in Lake Havasu City just North of the Famed imported old London Bridge. Two and a half miles long and spread over 250 acres, Patagonia Lake State Park offers a variety of recreational outdoor activities. The lake is filled with catfish, bluegill, crappie and bass and in winter by rainbow trout. Because of huge gatherings, water skiing and jet skiing are banned in summer weekends. For anglers facilities of half of the lake is converted into a no-wake area. It offers water & electric hook ups, picnic places, a swimming beach and a marina store with boat rentals. For any information about big hunting game contact Arizona’s Game and Fish department. Hope your stay in Arizona is a very memorable one. Published at:

Be One With The World With Refinance Mortgage In Arizona

These days, more and more couples can be found investing in new homes instead of renting. Understandably so, since owning is infinitely better than renting. There’s nothing like having a house of your own to provide security and peace of mind for you and your family. Start New, Start Fresh Most newlywed couples today have been found to invest in homes in areas far from where they’ve grown up. It could possibly be a bid for freedom from meddling in-laws and relatives, or maybe just a fervent desire for change and a desire to create a separate space for the family that is yet to come. It has been observed that areas that were sparsely populated barely a quarter of a century ago are the popular investment locations of choice, like Arizona, New Mexico, and Vermont. Because of the high temperatures experienced all year round, Arizona was not popular among settlers. That is, until the invention of air conditioning. Since then, the state and its many cities and towns have been a favorite among families. The state offers wide open spaces and a minefield of culture that can be enjoyed by everybody, so it’s no wonder why people flock to the area and avail of refinance mortgage in Arizona to settle for good. Be One With Nature Arizona is an outdoorsman’s dream. The valleys, mesas, and deserts are amongst the richest in the world. A refinance mortgage in Arizona puts all these and more right at your doorstep. By living in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is just a hop and a skip away. Rock climbing enthusiasts would kill for such proximity. If extreme sports aren’t your thing, turn it down a notch by exploring the valley gorges and discovering wildlife aplenty. A refinance mortgage in Arizona can put you close to where you can jog into the sunset or take a drive with your family through the many parks and nature conservations scattered throughout the state. Immerse Yourself In Culture Another reason why most people take out a refinance mortgage in Arizona is the presence of culture. Arizona is one of the few places in the continental United States that actually has culture, due to the fact that most of its residents are from across the border in Mexico and that there are plenty of Native Indian reservations to be had. Homemakers can learn the art of Mexican cooking straight from the source and its authenticity will not be questioned. Children can learn about the history of Native Indians to those who know it best. You and your family can observe customs and traditions unchanged throughout history. It’s cultural immersion at its very best. Heed The Call Indeed, there’s much to be gained and little to be lost by taking out a refinance mortgage in Arizona. There’s nothing like the fusion of culture and nature to start a life with your family. When you close your eyes and feel the warm sunshine on your face, or when you hear the call of a lone coyote at night, you’ll find that you’re truly home. Published at:

Third-World Nursing – Seizing the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Before settling down on a permanent or long-term nursing job, it’s a good idea to explore your options first and expand your horizons. Having an exciting and different kind of experience outside your comfort zone can teach you a lot of things, not just about the nursing profession but also about yourself, the world, people, and life in general. As the old adage goes, you only live once. One of the best things about the nursing profession is that it is so flexible and recognized everywhere. Anywhere in the world in their urbane scrubs free shipping, nurses are in high demand and thus, traveling and working in different places in the world is an opportunity you should seize! While it is not the most obvious option, working as a nurse in a third-world country can be the most exciting and life-changing experience you can have. What is a third-world country? In general, third-world countries are economically underdeveloped countries, mostly situated in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The term “third-world” may actually be deemed politically incorrect and the term “developing countries” is preferred. In these countries, there is a significantly high level of poverty. Healthcare, educational, and other basic services are grossly insufficient. Other common characteristics include high birthrates, over-population, and economic dependence on advanced countries, and a very low GNP. Because of these, foreign aid and volunteers are usually needed. Making a difference As you can suppose, conditions in a third-world country may be austere and even dangerous. However, it offers a great opportunity to help other people, promote health, spread advocacy, prevent diseases, experience diverse cultures, and even a chance to make a difference. Providing free healthcare The most common type of nursing opportunities abroad is short term volunteer assignments similar to the Peace Corps, usually lasting for three weeks at a time. These “missions” are often sponsored and organized by religious organizations, corporate foundations, international organizations, or individual groups. Transportation as well as allowance for food and lodging is usually covered by the sponsoring organization and equipment and pharmaceuticals are usually brought to the site. Volunteers are organized into teams and have to make the daily travel to makeshift clinics located in remote villages or in the outskirts of the city. Residents of the village assemble at the designated site and volunteers provide various medical services such as adult, gynecologic, and pediatric care; they also dispense basic medicines. Challenging encounters A lot of times, you will need to adapt and improvise depending on the available facilities and environment. Also, you will encounter a lot of diseases that you only read about in medical books but do not encounter back home such as Malaria, elephantitis, neonatal tetanus, and various epidemics. A lot of these countries may also be undergoing political turmoil, armed struggle, revolutions, and civil war where armed civilians roam the villages. You will also have to adjust to the living and transport conditions-traveling on foot, riding a mule, horseback or in a four-wheel drive up mountains and across rivers, and sleeping on mats, on the ground, or on the floor. Indeed, it is not for the faint of heart. So before you decide on embarking on this kind of adventure, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Published at:

Arizona Nursing Jobs at the Best Geriatric Care Hospitals

Arizona has long been known as a popular vacation and relocation spot for the elderly. That demographic has resulted in an aging population throughout the state, which in turn has caused an increased need for qualified candidates to fill local healthcare positions focused on geriatric care.

Arizona’s education and health services industry employed 334,100 workers during March, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is up from 333,000 workers during February and a 2.3 percent increase from last year.

There are many geriatric-focused Arizona nursing jobs available at hospitals throughout the state, so if you’re looking for such a position, it might be hard to decide where to apply. Fortunately, some hospitals do stand more than others, according to data from U.S. News & World Report.

The top hospitals in Arizona that offer geriatric services include:

Sun Health Boswell Hospital – Located in Sun City, this hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission. The facility offers geriatric inpatient services such as elderly and disabled skilled nursing care and end-of-life services and pain management. The hospital also offers general geriatric outpatient services and an Alzheimer center.

The hospital has a modest reputation with physicians, a low level of nurse staffing, and an as-expected death rate. The facility has:

436 beds
45,824 ER visits
24,561 patients admitted
104,113 outpatient visits
6,298 inpatient surgeries
4,026 outpatient surgeries
1 part-time physicians and dentists
536 full-time and 82 part-time registered nurses
24 full-time and 4 part time licensed practical nurses

When asked if they would recommend the hospital to friends or family, 67 percent of patients said definitely – which is higher than the state average of 66 percent, but lower than the national average of 68 percent – and only 5 percent said probably or definitely not.

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center – This hospital, located in Phoenix, is accredited by the Joint Commission, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and is a teaching hospital. The facility was ranked ninth in the nation for adult neurology and neurosurgery. Geriatric inpatient offerings include end-of-life services, such as pain management and palliative care, while outpatient offerings include an Alzheimer center and other general geriatric services.

The hospital has a modest reputation with physicians, a high level of nurse staffing, and a worse-than-expected relative death rate. The facility has:

738 beds
68,829 ER visits
38,327 patients admitted
467,101 outpatient visits
19,675 inpatient surgeries
117 full-time and 27 part-time physicians and dentists
1,257 full-time and 333 part-time registered nurses
20 full-time and four part-time licensed practical nurses

Of patients visiting the hospital, 76 percent said they would definitely recommend the hospital to friends or family, while only 5 percent said they probably or definitely would not.

Valley Lutheran Hospital – Located in Mesa, this hospital’s inpatient geriatric offerings include elderly and disabled services, such as acute long-term care, skilled nursing care, and intermediate nursing care; and end-of-life services, such as Hospice, pain management, and palliative care. The facility also offers general outpatient geriatric services.

The hospital has an average level of nurse staffing and a worse-than-expected relative death rate. The facility has:

336 beds
49,089 ER visits
20,514 patients admitted
258,000 outpatient visits
6,238 inpatient surgeries
9,950 outpatient surgeries
605 full-time and 107 part-time registered nurses
21 full-time and five part-time licensed practical nurses

Of patients visiting the hospital, 66 percent said they would definitely recommend the hospital to friends or family, while only 7 percent said they probably or definitely would not.

Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital – This hospital, located in Tucson, is accredited by the Joint Commission. The hospital offers inpatient end-of-life services, such as Hospice, pain management, and palliative care, as well as general outpatient geriatric services.

The hospital has an average level of nurse staffing and an as-expected relative death rate. The facility has:

429 beds
51,489 ER visits
17,578 patients admitted
227,638 outpatient visits
4,458 inpatient surgeries
3,790 outpatient surgeries
560 full-time and 216 part-time registered nurses
16 full-time and 10 part-time licensed vocational nurses

Of patients visiting the hospital, 53 percent said they would definitely recommend it to friends or family, while 12 percent said they probably or definitely would not.

Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center – Located in Scottsdale, this hospital offers such inpatient geriatric services as elderly and disabled acute long-term care, and end-of-life services, such as pain management and palliative care. The facility also offers general outpatient geriatric services.

The hospital has an average level of nurse staffing and a better-than-expected relative death rate. The facility has:

337 beds
55,254 ER visits
18,550 patients admitted
84,936 outpatient visits
6,937 inpatient surgeries
8,892 outpatient surgeries
Three full-time physicians and dentists
535 full-time and 207 part-time registered nurses
18 full-time and 13 part-time licensed vocational nurses

Of patients visiting the hospital, 75 percent said they would definitely recommend it to friends or family, while only 4 percent said they probably or definitely would not.

Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center – This hospital, located in Scottsdale, offers inpatient end-of-life services, such as pain management and palliative care, as well as general outpatient geriatric care.

The hospital has an average level of nurse staffing and a better-than-expected relative death rate. The facility has:

433 beds
46,588 ER visits
24,587 patients admitted
112,092 outpatient visits
8,945 inpatient surgeries
15,277 outpatient surgeries
10 full-time and two part-time physicians and dentists
554 full-time and 251 part-time registered nurses
11 full-time and nine part-time licensed practical nurses

Of patients visiting the hospital, 78 percent said they would definitely recommend it to friends or family, while only 4 percent said they probably or definitely would not.

Tucson Medical Center – Located in Tucson, this hospital offers inpatient end-of-life services, such as Hospice, pain management, and palliative care, as well as general outpatient geriatric care.

This hospital has an average level of nurse staffing and an as-expected relative death rate. The facility has:

555 beds
87,391 ER visits
34,687 patients admitted
200,580 outpatient visits
11,393 inpatient surgeries
9,864 outpatient surgeries
Four full-time and three part-time physicians and dentists
818 full-time and 354 part-time registered nurses
21 full-time and 13 part-time licensed vocational nurses

Of patients visiting the hospital, 58 percent said they would definitely recommend it to friends or family, while 11 percent said they probably or definitely would not.